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Last update:  March 20, 2010


Our Family Album

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Sabina Licudine Espe (top left), Clara Delmendo Licudine (top right), and Leona Arellano Licudine (seated). This picture was taken possibly in the 1920s most likely in Bacnotan, La Union

Silvestre & Clara (Delmendo) Licudine. This picture was taken by Zoilo Ancheta in the 1920s in Bacnotan, La Union.

Revelina (Delmendo) & Cayetano Licudine on their honeymoon in Baguio 1959.

This picture of Alex Licudine and Judy Garland was taken in 1963 or 1964 at Mateo's in Westwood, California. Judy frequented this restaurant after the taping of her TV shows.

Alex & Annette Licudine's girls: Dorothy, Arlene, Nina & Cindi.

Zoilo & Flora Ancheta & family.

Circe Villacorte Licudine & Annette Sanchez Licudine

Annette Sanchez Licudine

Brothers Claro & Leopoldo Licudine

Roman 'Ray' Licudine

Leopoldo Licudine, Antonia Licudine, Lupe & Claro Licudine.

Dimas Delmendo, Revelina & Cayetano with daughters Clara & June

Cayetano Licudine holding daughter June along with Alex Licudine's daughters: Dorothy, Arlene, Cindi & Nina (1961-1962)

Donato & Stephanie Mariano

Benito & Elene Espe's children: Benedict, Evelyn, Benito Jr. & Burt

Patricia & Francisco Licudine

Ben & Elena Espe, Alex Licudine, Cayetano & Rebing Licudine, Lawrence & Lomen Valmonte, and Poldo Licudine

Alex, Aurora, Cindi & Nina

Starlene, Dorothy, Shirley, Cindi, and June (in the high chair)

Family gathering in Bacnotan, La Union. Maximo Ancheta, Christie & Dan Mariano, Antonia Licudine and the Ancheta's (Carmen, Floring, Flora & Zoilo Jr.)

Cousins Clarence & Alex

Cathy Buccat Delmendo

Ted & Clara Glaza with son Adam

Adam & Robert Glaza

Kevin & Steven Glaza

Julius & Kristin Adams

The Badua boys: Ricky, Ben, & Ryan

Christmas at Lola Annette's house

A family gathering at Annette Licudine's home in Fountain Valley, CA

The cousins: Ryan, Ricky, Shawn, Julius, David & Ben

Ron Badua

The Badua cousins at Easter

Egg dying with Auntie Dot

Annette Licudine with Claro & Lupe Licudine's children

Annette Licudine with her family: Cindi, Arlene, Alex, Nina & Dot

Alex & Annette Licudine's grandchildren and 1 great grandchild

Bob Hannemann with grandkids Darius, Trinity & Genesis

Maria 'Mayang' Licudine Obana

Virgie Sanchez, Auring Licudine, Zoilo Ancheta and daughter Carmen, Lydia Macayanan and Lita Buccat

Annette & Alex Licudine's grandkids

Cindi & Arlene with their uncle, Claro Licudine

Romulo Licudine

Benito Espe with Claro Licudine

Claro & Lupe Licudine with Annette Licudine in the middle

The Mariano's, Glaza's, and Delmendo's

Dot with son Cliff

Family gathering at Romulo Licudine's home around 1989

Cousins at 1987 family reunion

Alex & Melissa Licudine's son, Alexander

Alex & Melissa Licudine's son, Gabriel

Alex & Melissa's daughter, Mika

Mercy Espe Mensalvas & Nina Licudine Hannemann

Arlene, Nina, June, Cindi & Stephanie

Shawn & Stacy Macidonio with daughter, Gracelynn

The newest addition to the Danny & Angelica Buccat family.....Ryan Buccat

Christie Garcia at her 75th birthday celebration on February 16, 2008.

From Christie Garcia's 75th birthday party: June Rosales, Kristin Adams (June's daughter), and Clara Glaza.

From Christie Garcia's 75th birthday party: Ben Licudine and his children: Arvin, Amina, and Benny

From Christie Garcia's 75th birthday party: Ben Licudine dancing with daughter, Mina

From Christie Garcia's 75th birthday party: Clara Glaza with son, Adam.

From Christie Garcia's 75th birthday party: Revelina Licudine with granddaughter, Kristin Adams

From Christie Garcia's 75th birthday party: Revelina Licudine with grandson, Robert Glaza

From Christie Garcia's 75th birthday party: Matriarchs Revelina Licudine and Elena Espe on their way in.

Mina Licudine holding a magazine featuring her grandaughter, Rebekah Green.

Rebekah Green (Denise Licudine's daughter) on the cover of Kids & Sports magazine July 2008 edition.

Andreya Faith Rodriguez (Melanie Heinle's daughter) who is one of the newest members of the family in a pumpkin patch.

Paul Buccat, Kristine and their daughter Kayla.

Here's Kayla!

Mamerto Jr. & wife Gloria with daughter, Olivia, while vacationing in Dubai.

Mamerto Jr. & wife Gloria with daughter, Olivia and Olivia's son, Paulo.

Marissa Licudine with dad, Mamerto Jr.

Mamerto Jr., Gloria and daughters Marissa & Olivia with Olivia's kids, Paulo & Tanja.

Lani & Chris at their reception on October 24, 2008.

Group picture at the reception.

Cliff & Katie at Cliff's graduation on 12/18/2009. Congrats Cliff!!!!

The Grand Canyon!! March 2010

...yes this is snow at the Grand Canyon...


....Elecio at....guess where.... at...The Grand Canyon...

...this was taken in a six seater itty bitty plane that flew us over the Grand Canyon...

...and lastly the Grand Canyon.

Congratulations to Juice & Maryann on their marriage on October 16, 2010. Here are some pix from the rehearsal, wedding and reception.

Congrats to Kris & Owen on their wedding day. December 17, 2010.



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