Licudine Family Reunion

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Last update:  February 20, 2015

There have been several additions to the family tree since the last family reunion.  The Rufo Licudine tree is now quite large and the printable version had to be broken into smaller files. 

There are separate trees for:

Mariano Licudine (includine Segundina, Florentina, etc.) 
Rufo Licudine (including Silvestre, Doroteo, Olympia, Calexto, Cayetano, Claro, etc.)
Tomas Licudine (including Phillip, Richard, Clarina, Shirley, etc.)
Ygnacio Licudine (including Roman, Cris, Dino, Floramado, Elnora, etc.)

If you'd like to print out a tree and tape it together, please on the links.

Mariano Licudine Family Tree Mariano
Rufo Licudine Family Tree

Due to the size of the tree I had to break it down to smaller portions.  Please put together the order listed.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Tomas Licudine Family Tree Tomas
Ygnacio Licudine Family Tree Ygnacio

To add and/or correct your family's information on the tree, please complete one of the following forms then either fax the form back to 310.530.5705 or email it to

Family Group Record Form (Rich Text Format)
Family Group Record Form (PDF)

You'll see that we are still missing quite a few family members especially on the Badua side.  If you have any info for that side of the family and/or have any additions, corrections, etc., please call me on 310.530.1668 in the evenings or send an email to me at

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